Frenquently asked Question

Is it possible to work on the server from home and print a report ?
Yes, there is no problem. You just need communication software and an internet connection, with the logon and password get to the server.
Note: The communication software need to have the option emulation VT100. Reference software: Tsxterm, Smarterm, Tinyterm Inosoft can sell you those products to help you to configure those softwares.

Is it possible to put the inosoft software on the same network that my office automatically networks?
You can effectively plug the Inosoft server on the same network that Windows uses. You also have the possibility to export some data bases from the inosoft server in Excel, Calc, Access, etc...

Will the Inosoft software be compatible with the format of my cheque, invoice, statement of account?
The Inosoft software already includes several formats. Then, if the format of your cheque, invoice and statement of account are not among our format, our - programming team team will adjust the software according to your needs.

Is it possible to adjust or adapte the software for our company's need ?
We have a programmer team at your disposal. Some modification charges are applicable at the current rate at the time of this modification.